17 month post relaxer check in!

So 17 months ago I decided I was going to grow my hair out and do it without relaxers, I was going to go natural. Over the next 17 months i have become slightly obsessed with my hair, I have tried more styles than I could count, trying to find a style that didn’t require heat and was low maintenance  that I could manage on my own.

In those 17 months I haven’t gone to a hair stylist until last month when I wanted to have my hair straightened for the first time in months. I found that I loved playing with my hair and watching it grow. the different lengths brought different curl patterns some I loved and some I hid. I can remember years like 23 of them longing for straight hair and now when I straighten my hair I long for my big curls, I find myself trying to make my curls bigger.

Now I have found that I can rock the wash and go again. Today on my time hop I came across my wash and go from last year, my wash and go has improved 110% in the last year. I wear my hair in a wash and go most days now, partly because I get the most compliments with it, it is easy and my hair loves it.

Here are the two pictures comparing my wash and go. ..

What do you think?

Also any suggestions on good leave in conditioners that won’t weigh down my curls?

My Wash and Go 1 year ago today!
My Wash and Go 1 year ago today!
Wash and go today!
  Wash and go today!

Love Your Curls

Love your curls. What a simple concept really. Teach your children that their natural hair is beautiful and it will perpetuate beauty throughout the world. However that seems to be such a difficult concept even today. We are trying to teach people to love themselves no matter who they are, black, brown, gay, straight, transgender. And yet we still have a commercial about teaching girls to love their curly hair?

For some reason that baffles me, I hope that all of these things are taught and that in future generations everyone feels comfortable and loves themselves in their own skin. However I feel like we still shouldn’t have to teach girls that their curls are beautiful, they should know it! When did straight hair become the height of beauty? There are so many great examples of women with curly hair that are gorgeous but as little girls we still look up to and identify with the straight haired beauties.

I can remember growing up when my mom would not let straighten my hair, (This was the case until I was 18). And I would envy all of my straight haired friends, I was convinced that their hair was magical and that everyday they woke up and didn’t have to do anything in order for it to be amazing. And while as I have grown up. And put my hair through hell trying to make it that magical straight hair that all my friends woke up with everyday.  I have found that they while they do generally have less prep work for their hair than I do. They also think my hair is amazing, just like I do theirs. My straight haired friends  This Hair Envy if you will is what led me to start this blog, and what concerns me today.

I cried when I watched this commercial, because I am still teaching myself to do this. Love my Curls; here I am 23 almost 24 years old trying to love my natural texture again. To wake in the morning, look in the mirror, say “My hair is HUGE,” and smile. Say this with a huge smile on my face because it was exactly what I wanted. I still find myself more often than not saying, ” My hair Is HUGE, and trying to find ways to make it smaller.” After a year of transitioning to my natural hair I am working it out, I just find myself not feeling as pretty when my hair is in its huge state. IMG_0689

This was my first successful Bantu knot out and I just cut all the relaxed ends off of my bangs and now have these curly bangs. This was day one I wore them out and by day two they are pinned up again. . . lets make my hair smaller shall we?

So at 23, as a almost completely natural haired women, I am reteaching and reexamine my Hair Envy, I am transferring my envy from the straight haired beauties of the world, because I will never have that hair, no matter how hard I will it to be. And becoming envious of the women in the natural haired world. Even though I may never have hair like those beauties, at least it is more of an attainable goal. And that way when I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror I will be like, ” My hair is HUGE, damn girl, you look good.”

So moving forward, lets teach our daughters that we love our hair, that we love them no matter how big their hair is, who they love or what they want to do when they grow up. Let’s just teach our children; Love.

So thank you Dove, I will: Love My Curls. 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

My hair has a mind of its own.

Before we begin, I got my engagement pictures back . .. I will share  one ff my favorites, as a sneak peak!  🙂 IMG_0251-1

So there I was going along loving my crochet braids when I made the terrible decision of passing out after a party with my hair all a mess. I woke up the next morning to a big mat of hair and a few strands falling out. My hair had been braided for two months at this point and the new growth was definitely starting to show ,the ends of my braids at my nap had began to come out leaving some natural hair exposed that was beginning to tangle. So as a result on Saturday morning, after our Hannukah party, before our Christmas party that night, there I was taking down my hair at 10 am.

I had looked up the methods for taking down crochet braids but in my precarious state of my braids I was not comfortable taking scissors near my head. So I simply began taking the braids out from the base hoping the braid hair would fall out as I went. For the most part this was successful but there was some left over holding on even when all the braids were gone. I just jumped in the shower to remove the rest of the hair. After 2 months of only being washed in braids my hair loved the shower. I used shampoo, which I normally don’t because there was some serious build up from the moisturizer I had been applying and then conditioned and deep conditioned.

I t-shirt dried for 30 minutes and then began the detangling process. . the few tangles I mentioned earlier, turned out to be a full on dread at this point and even with soaking them in moisturizer it was difficult to remove. But  successfully detangled my hair in around 45 minutes and placed it in multiple twists as I went to keep it separated.

After this much time in braids I was curious to see my new growth. .. or lack there of( but hopefully not) So I blew out and straightened my hair. I tried blow drying my hair in the twists I used to dentagle my hair and the results we a mixed bag. I feel that in the future I will be able to do this successfully and achieve a nice curled look but for the purposes today I am not sold.But then I went to work straightening my hair, I applied tresseme heat protectant as I went. I have not had this much natural hair in probably 6 years and I forgot what a project it is to straighten. I did not give myself enough time before I had to be somewhere so it was a half assed straightening job but it did the trick.

Length Check time. . conveniently I was wearing the same bra as I was in my August length check so it is easier to see the difference. . there is growth, slowly but surely progress is happening, and that is all I can ask right?

I will leave you with some pictures, From top to bottom, Length Check – 8-10-14, Length Check 12-13-14, bang check 12-13-14. Christmas party selfie!

Length 8-10-14
 August Length 8-10-14
December  12/
Christmas Party
Christmas Party


You normally don’t even let me touch my hair, and now you want me to CUT it?

I am gonna cal it a tie! Did I change my hair. . yes, did I take out my protective style earlier than my deadline no,

So last week I was getting that itch again. .. my hair had been in marley twists for about a month and that is normally when I start to feel the need to change my hair again. When I first put my marley twists in I did not cut the hair at all and they fell almost to waist length, which I loved at first because it was so much different than my shoulder length hair. But guess what that stuff gets heavy when your neck isn’t used to it. And I box two times a week and for a warm up we jumpt rope, which became nearly impossible with my long hair hitting the rope every five seconds.

Over the weekend I started searching for styles that I could accomplish without taking out my  Twists because they have been wonderful, but still changing it up, and possibly brining jump rope back into my life. What I came across was a girl who had simply cut her twists into a new style, accomplishing both a change and constancy with a hair style. Something that will allow me to still meet my goal of keeping my protective style in until Halloween which will be 8 weeks. So Sunday night I pulled out my scissors and walked up to my Bf, ” WIll you cut my hair?” The look on his face would have made that question worth it even if I was just kidding. But being the amazing trusting guy that he is he said ok and we went to work. There were a few moments of panic where he stopped and proclaimed, ” You normally don’t even let me touch your hair and now you want me to cut it.” and i reassured him that I was not going to punish him if by some chance he really messed it up, and that he wasn’t actually cutting my real hair so if he did mess it up we would just take the twists out. But mess up he did not and we ended up with much shorter, long bob-esque twists.

IMG_2730 ( My hair post cut, before fixing the ends) Channeling my anonymous hair crush from the hallows of pinterest)

Now say he did not mess up but when I first looked at it I went, wait one side is shorter than the other, and I hated he, he of course told me it’s just your bangs that are longer and I like it. Which after some trials and errors of fixing the bluntness they now had I also like the bangs longer in the front, it was like an accidental A-line ( pictures to come,, , or check the instagram, @myhairenvy for more photo updates). So all is well and my boyfriend is back to not being allowed to touch my hair. However as I was fixing the bluntness I ended up taking out the edges and redoing them with the uneven ends method so that it tapers off and looks more natural, as I did this i washed and moisturized as I went and my hair seems happy.

I am happy with this semi change and I think ( hope) that I can now make it to halloween without any more changes, but as always I will keep you all posted.

Hope everyone is having a lovely first week of Autumn, which means one thing Christmas is coming!

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

Apple Cider Vinegar . . For ALL!!

I mentioned Apple Cider Vinegar was my new found super hero in a previous post, and I am here to follow up on that. And let me just tell you, it is more true now than ever! 

I have found new uses for this miracle stuff that have nothing to do with my hair. I am still using it to cleanse my scalp when I have my braids in, it works wonders for the itching and dryness I feel when I haven’t washed my hair well with the braids in. If you haven’t seen the method for that just look at this post it will give you some info on how to use this for a scalp cleanser  ( https://myhairenvy.wordpress.com/2014/07/ ). But since then I have added many uses for it, This first discovery I had was that it works as a great natural face wash. I have never really been consistent with washing my face I didn’t have a huge acne problem as a teen and just never got into the habit. But I thought I would give it a try, some diluted ACV and warm water has done wonders for my skin without any of the additives that are in face washes. Keeping with the skin uses after a trip to water world, my Bf was not friends with the sun and we discovered that it can be used to relieve sunburn. 

I have used to clean my counters, my carpets and most recently my hard wood floors. It gets the stains out it gets rid of all sorts of smells. My house always smells like cat. And with a diluted ( my standard is 1/3 ACV 2/3 Water) mixture all of that is gone. I 

I have been reading up on the benefits of drinking ACV and I haven’t quite gotten myself to try that yet. If the smell covers up all of those things, now you want me to put that down my throat? I don’t know about that. But it has made me a believer in all other aspects so maybe one day you will come across the ACV cures my ill’s post on here. We will see. But for now my household has become a ACV haven and it has replaced many things that cost much more money than a simple jar of ACV for all of it. Give it a try, see what you think and if you discover any other uses for it and post them on here and I will share them! 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. 

Find me on Instagram @myhairenvy 

Love your do and grow that fro

 ❤ Kelsi Rae 

We all love pictures right?

I started an Instagram for Myhairenvy this week, YAY! I always seem to have a hard time remembering to upload pictures of my hair and new do to my computer. I will have a great hair day and then I will get home and totally have forgotten to document it. So I figured that if I had an Instagram where I could upload pictures, and tips I gather it would be easily assessable to me and you all as well. So that is how the Instagram for the blog was born. You can find it under username myhairenvy, look me up and follow me! 

But as well as know I can’t stick to anything I decide and I am a victim of my addiction to change. This weekend I found a beauty supply store pretty close to my house, something I had not found before. I had avoided doing Marley Twists because I did not want to have to order the hair online. Well hot damn this beauty supply store had Marley hair so of course I was inspired and in went the Marley twists that night. I was able to only buy 4 packs of Marley hair and I only ended up using 3 of them. Since this hair is slightly more expensive than Kankelon hair it cost about 35 dollars for this hair + a new satin pillow case. I have to snatch those up when I find them!  Which all in all if I can buy the hair for 30 bucks and put it in myself, I will take that anyday over the couple hundred I would spend at a Salon. So all in all I would call this a success! 

photo Preview of all the goodness to come on the Instagram! You know you want to! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and had a wonderful labor day weekend!  it is starting to cool off here, I hope it is doing the same for you. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

The curls have it!

This post is going to be short and sweet. But I think the decision has been made, the curls have it, I think I am going to a long term transition, no longer just a long stretch of relaxers, the more my hair grows the more I love the curl. I also love the versatility of my natural hair, I can style it in many different levels of curls from bantu knot outs( which I have no mastered yet), braid outs, flat twists( my favorite), and flex rods ( my up and coming favorite), but I also can occasionally straighten my hair to get that feeling I know and love. So now to try and maintain this go get-um attitude through the next year or so. I hope I can do it. This week I again got caught in the rain and which led to an impromptu wash day earlier than I had planned.

So saturday I washed, deep conditioned and air dried my hair in pig tails. This air drying method helps keep the  new growth stretched while letting the rest curl naturally. I then applied my flex rod set on air dried hair. I bought and tried out the cantu hair shaping pomade and I love it. I tried the ringlet form for the flex rods, so they hung more up and down instead of against my head and this pomade gave my hair just enough hold for the curls to bouncy but not falls.

Close up of curls prior to finger combing
Close up of curls prior to finger  combing
Curls before finger combing
Curls before finger combing
Post 10 minutes of styling
Post 10 minutes of styling

I am loving this style, its easy and keeps my hands out of my hair al day, I am going to try the ” mini” pinappling method tonight to see if I can keep these curls up, will let you know how it goes.

Have a wonderful week,

Love your do and grow that Fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

My hair looked so good, until. . .

The other day I was walking to class, and I was feeling great, I had done another flex rod set the night before, and man was I getting the hang of it, my hair was bouncy and curly and I felt good. I take the light rail from my apartment downtown to my campus which is in the Southern part of town so I have a little bit of a walk to class from the train. So on my way back to the train The skies decided to open and dumped huge rain drops all at once on my head. There was not even those dark warning gray skies that tell you, “oh crap maybe I should get out an umbrella or something.” ( No that I own an umbrella, I live in Colorado, where did this rain even come from?)  Needless to say, my beautiful, confidence-giving bouncy hair was gone, and I was left with that poofy, not even curly just growing out, not down look. I couldn’t have passed it for an on purpose look if I tried. So I put it up in a simple ponytail and rocked the wet dog look for the rest of the day. 

This got me thinking, my hair is really in a percarious state at all times, it is subject to the whims of the weather, and so many other things in the world, So what has messed up a good hair day in the past, lets make a list shall we. . . 

My hair looked so good until,

It rained. . . the wind blew, , , a child threw up on it ( yes this has happened). . . the humidity in Colorado rose above 10%. . . my boyfriend ran his hands through it. . . I wanted to put it up, and now its stuck like that for the rest of the day. . . it got hot, , . I went to the gym. . . really anytime sweat is involved. . . or water. . . I laid down. . . I sat back on the couch. . . I had sex. . . I made out. . really anything “sexy” is bad for my hair. . . and the list could probably go on. 

Looking at this list, why do I even bother doing my hair? But this whole journey is about embracing these bad hair days and accepting I don’t have  the sexy, bouncy, beautiful hair that I always dreamed of having. But really does that hair really exist, or is it just a product of my imagination, ok hollywood might have had something to do with it. But even with all of these things that could mess up my hair, here I am diligently trying to find the best styles for it. 

This week I did straighten and check my length on my, once I figure out how to create a separate page for that, you can find pictures and progress there.Hopefully soon. 

What things have messed up your hair in the past? I am sure some of you have stories like “a child threw up on it”. . . 

Hope the weekend treated you well. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

Damn, that girl has nice hair!

This post will probably make me say, ” you shouldn’t judge people like that” ” so lets just get that out of the way, well no I probably shouldn’t jude people like this, but I do, and I have accepted that so you can too.So do you ever look at a girl and thing, Damn she has nice hair, I wonder if it is real, or how she got that style? Well I do that ALL the time, every time i see another woman of color with well hair. I do it with girls with TWA and think, dang i am jealous that she can rock that so well! I do it with short relaxed hair and think< ” I miss my short hair maybe I should cut it.” Beautiful curly hair of any lengths makes me wish I stopped relaxing my hair earlier,  twists and locks make me consider those styles at least once week and long straight hair makes me want to cut my stretch and relaxed my hair tomorrow! I recently made a friend with BEAUTIFUL kinky hair, who struggles with wanting to cut it off, and I think if she can hold out on change so can I. I think this hair envy is part of why I am in a constant state of change with my hair, because I want to have ALL of the pretty styles, all of the time! 

Part of me hopes that I am the only girl that does this, and that every one else is so confident with with their beautiful style whatever it may be, but the other part of me hopes that we all suffer from this same problem that we all are wishing for the styles around us, just so that I am not alone! Whichever one it is, I don’t know of a way to escape my hair envy, and so here I am hoping for change daily, and somehow holding out on this change for 6 whole months and now that I have reached this goal,what in the world do I do? 

Here was this weeks look, I have taken to calling it ” Lion hair”


Why would my hair matter to you?

Well let’s be honest, it might not. You may be the girl that has their hair mastered, everyone is jealous of you and asks you how you get your hair that perfect. And we all know those girls, the girls we wondered if they just wake up that way, or if they spend hours staring at the mirror hoping that by some miracle their hair will look good that day like the rest of us. Or you might not care about my hair because you are a more laid back girl than I could ever hope to be and you are fine waking up and letting your beautiful hair do whatever it is going to do that day and rock it. 

But you may be a girl that is hoping that someone out there is going through the same journey with their hair, ever- looking for that person that shares in their triumphs and disasters when it comes to their hair. If you are that girl, my hair might matter to you. Because truly, I am still that girl. I will finish this post and then search the internet for someone that has a tip I can use for my wash day this week. Or some miracle to add to my wash day routine that will help eliminate the shedding i have been having the last couple weeks. And I am here to share those stories with others. Hoping that someone else will benefit from my journey, and that maybe someone will happen across it and help me. Sharing my daily hair struggles helps me maintain an “eye on the prize attitude” with my hair. . . So now the HAIR OF THE WEEK!  

As I shared last week I bought and sewed clip in hair extensions, I never got around to sharing a photo of them so I guess, better late than never, right? Image This photo was about a week and a had ago. I lve my clip ins but I have been running into some hair care problems since wearing them. in order to wear these clip ins, as you can see I have to straighten my 22 week post hair in order to blend the textures, I am unsure if this is the cause or if it is the hairfinity which I finished my 30 day supply last week,( review to follow)  or if it is simply because i am 22 weeks post and my hair is becoming week.  But I have noticed a large increase in shedding over the last month or so. Enough that I am concerned for my hair health. 

So as a result I am returning to my old hair routine which means no heat, and bye bye hair extensions. But I am finding I am falling in love with my natural hair that is coming in and returning to this routine has not been a problem for me, this week I did a twist out and I love the texture my new growth provides at the base. I discovered I have no “selfless: from this week, so here is a picture of my boyfriend and me( correct grammar) from our trip to Seatlle last week, that sort of shows the texture of my hair. Image


This love affair with my new growth is leading me to the tried and true question. . . at 22 weeks post am i long term stretching or transitioning? But that is a question for another week. 

For now just taking my hair one day at a time. Until next time 

❤ Kelsi Rae