What to do, what to do at 20 weeks post relaxer?

Well, as I have stated before I am a self proclaimed hair addict this commonly comes out as extreme changes for my hair at least a couple times a year. However this year I am really trying to keep my hair healthy and growing for the entire year, which extremely limits the amount of changes I can do to my hair. My goal to stretch my relaxer for six months is coming along nicely, I am currently at 20 weeks post with about 2 1/2 inches of new growth and loving the progress I have made. I routinely where my hair in twists and twist outs, but after a few months that is BORING me. The last two weeks have been a major struggle for me to not chop, dye, mame, or dread my hair. I haven’t found anything to ease my change-itis, so today, I gave in and made a change. I went for the least “invasive” way to change my look, something I have never had before, clip-in extensions and so far I LOVE IT. I made them myself with weft human hair from Sally’s beauty supply. I just moved this week and so today instead of unpacking I was sitting on my floor sewing on my clips and measuring my head, typical junkie behavior, huh? I went with 14 inch remy hair and i love it, I have since put it up, so pictures to come later, but it satisfises my compulsion for change and maintains my hair goals for growing out my hair. 

Image Hair post straightening, pre extensions 

I started taking Hairfinity about 2 weeks ago and I have noticed some good results so far, I will report more once my 30 day supply is up. However today I noticed an increased about of shedding during my wash day routine, and I mean a lot more shedding, I can’t decide if this is due to being 20 weeks post relaxer and my new growth tangling and my hair weakening over the line of demarcation, or a side effect of the hairfinity. So I will keep taking it and see how next wash day goes. 

To end a story from my week: We have  had tornados here this week and so my students and I have been heading down to the basement almost everyday this week to “shelter and place” from the tornados, have you ever sat in a cramped over heated hallway trying to explain this to 12 special needs children, ya probably not. Well let’s just say it is no picnic, but everything can turn amusing when you look over and one student has another in a headlock while they are supposed to have their head between their knees and when you ask why they respond, ” Keshi, the tornado.” At least we look out for each other. 

Well have a wonderful week! Thats all in my hair crazed world for now! 

❤ Kelsi Rae