Damn, that girl has nice hair!

This post will probably make me say, ” you shouldn’t judge people like that” ” so lets just get that out of the way, well no I probably shouldn’t jude people like this, but I do, and I have accepted that so you can too.So do you ever look at a girl and thing, Damn she has nice hair, I wonder if it is real, or how she got that style? Well I do that ALL the time, every time i see another woman of color with well hair. I do it with girls with TWA and think, dang i am jealous that she can rock that so well! I do it with short relaxed hair and think< ” I miss my short hair maybe I should cut it.” Beautiful curly hair of any lengths makes me wish I stopped relaxing my hair earlier,  twists and locks make me consider those styles at least once week and long straight hair makes me want to cut my stretch and relaxed my hair tomorrow! I recently made a friend with BEAUTIFUL kinky hair, who struggles with wanting to cut it off, and I think if she can hold out on change so can I. I think this hair envy is part of why I am in a constant state of change with my hair, because I want to have ALL of the pretty styles, all of the time! 

Part of me hopes that I am the only girl that does this, and that every one else is so confident with with their beautiful style whatever it may be, but the other part of me hopes that we all suffer from this same problem that we all are wishing for the styles around us, just so that I am not alone! Whichever one it is, I don’t know of a way to escape my hair envy, and so here I am hoping for change daily, and somehow holding out on this change for 6 whole months and now that I have reached this goal,what in the world do I do? 

Here was this weeks look, I have taken to calling it ” Lion hair”