Hello out there!

This week I reached what I consider a major milestone with this blog, some may consider it small but it means the world to me. I reached 20 followers this week! So to all of you out there reading my ramblings THANK YOU so much! I started this blog because my boyfriend  was sick of hearing about my hair. Little did he know that then I would just talk about my hair blog ALL the time. So I began writing and thought that no one would care about my ever-changing do and all the random things I try with my hair. So thank you again for finding me at least some what interesting and keeping me accountable to this journey and promise that I made to myself.

This month I am at 39 weeks post relaxer or 9 months. I have not relaxed my hair since January, and that was even by accident. I bought this product that claimed it was not a relaxer and before I read the ingredients I applied it ( mistake numbero uno). So then as I was waiting with it on my head I started looking up reviews, and found that many women had done the same thing. That was when I learned the first lesson of my hair journey, ALWAYs read the ingredients.

I have learned many more lessons throughout these nine months, one of which is unfortunately not been patience! I am still working on that. But I have learned how to be much more creative than I ever was with my relaxed hair, partly by choice partly because of necessity as the curls get crazier, the hair styles get more creative. I have learned that I don’t need a hair stylist to do some of the styles I have always dreamed of, my favorite of which has been Marley twists which I have had in for the last 3 weeks and I hope to keep in for 8 weeks total, if I can keep my addictive ways at bay.

I have learned that kitchen supplies are your hairs best friend and I have been a consistent user or coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, and my new favorite apple cider vinegar. My boyfriend affectionately calls my weekly pre-poo “Salad hair” because of all the kitchen supplies that go on my head.

But most of all I have learned that I enjoy sharing my journey with you all, and reading about yours and the things that we all struggle through and the things that you guys have mastered and I can learn from you. I hope you can learn something from me, or at least be amused by my journey. Which may even be better in the long run.

Well thank you again all 20 of you out there! Have a great week

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae