You normally don’t even let me touch my hair, and now you want me to CUT it?

I am gonna cal it a tie! Did I change my hair. . yes, did I take out my protective style earlier than my deadline no,

So last week I was getting that itch again. .. my hair had been in marley twists for about a month and that is normally when I start to feel the need to change my hair again. When I first put my marley twists in I did not cut the hair at all and they fell almost to waist length, which I loved at first because it was so much different than my shoulder length hair. But guess what that stuff gets heavy when your neck isn’t used to it. And I box two times a week and for a warm up we jumpt rope, which became nearly impossible with my long hair hitting the rope every five seconds.

Over the weekend I started searching for styles that I could accomplish without taking out my  Twists because they have been wonderful, but still changing it up, and possibly brining jump rope back into my life. What I came across was a girl who had simply cut her twists into a new style, accomplishing both a change and constancy with a hair style. Something that will allow me to still meet my goal of keeping my protective style in until Halloween which will be 8 weeks. So Sunday night I pulled out my scissors and walked up to my Bf, ” WIll you cut my hair?” The look on his face would have made that question worth it even if I was just kidding. But being the amazing trusting guy that he is he said ok and we went to work. There were a few moments of panic where he stopped and proclaimed, ” You normally don’t even let me touch your hair and now you want me to cut it.” and i reassured him that I was not going to punish him if by some chance he really messed it up, and that he wasn’t actually cutting my real hair so if he did mess it up we would just take the twists out. But mess up he did not and we ended up with much shorter, long bob-esque twists.

IMG_2730 ( My hair post cut, before fixing the ends) Channeling my anonymous hair crush from the hallows of pinterest)

Now say he did not mess up but when I first looked at it I went, wait one side is shorter than the other, and I hated he, he of course told me it’s just your bangs that are longer and I like it. Which after some trials and errors of fixing the bluntness they now had I also like the bangs longer in the front, it was like an accidental A-line ( pictures to come,, , or check the instagram, @myhairenvy for more photo updates). So all is well and my boyfriend is back to not being allowed to touch my hair. However as I was fixing the bluntness I ended up taking out the edges and redoing them with the uneven ends method so that it tapers off and looks more natural, as I did this i washed and moisturized as I went and my hair seems happy.

I am happy with this semi change and I think ( hope) that I can now make it to halloween without any more changes, but as always I will keep you all posted.

Hope everyone is having a lovely first week of Autumn, which means one thing Christmas is coming!

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

Have you ever been at a bar and your hair. . . just fell out?

Well neither had I. . . Until last week. Yep I was at a bar just having a drink and the waitress walked up and oh you should have seen her face when she saw one of my braids on the floor. She couldn’t even get the words out of her mouth. I was not that embarrassed but I felt bad that it freaked her out so much, luckily it was a fairly empty bar, so only the waitress and the people I was with noticed the incident. But needless to say, the braids have since come down, after loosing two more in private. 

My braids lasted exactly 4 weeks, which is an accomplishment for the change-a- holic I am. And once I started the take down process I was glad I did not leave them in any longer, my hair was a MESS. It only took me about 30 minutes to get the braids out of my hair, which left me with a not- so bad braid out. photo 1-1 But then the real challenge started, the detangling process.  First, I pre- poo’d with an egg and olive oil mixture for 45 minutes, cowshed using Cantu Shea Complete Condition Co-wash and conditioned using John Frieda Smooth Start for 10 minutes. Then I finger combed all of the tangles out I could, but there was a solid lock starting at the back of my skull and that took some serious work, I finger combed as much of it as I could, then took my wide tooth comb, then my small toothed comb and worked through it, In the end I lost more hair than I would have liked but I would say it was over all a success. photo 2-1 My hair arsenal. . . Johnson’s baby detangled, Cantu Shea butter moisturizer, Its a 10 Keratin spray, John Frieda frizz ease straight fixation( because I thought I was going to straighten my hair) and Coconut oil.  

I stood looking in the mirror after this process was complete thinking, well now what in the world am I going to do with my hair. So I turned to a stand by from and stretched my new growth with the tension method. ( using cool air) Even though I was using cool air I applied dove heat protectant spray just to be sure. And put my hair in a pony tail for the rest of the day. That night I attempted my first flex rod set on dry hair, and I must say I love it, I think Flexi rods may become my new go to for awhile at least, It left my hair soft and bouncy, I used different sizes so I have different sizes of curl but I think once I perfect the method it will look even better. Flexi rods are much easier to set than traditional rollers, and not comfortable, but bearable to sleep on, which is a win in my book.  So now I am back to trying to keep it simple, to succeed, I am at 30 weeks post relaxer and have probably 3-4 inches of new growth. Still haven’t decided if I am transitioning, or long term stretching. I think if my boyfriend has anything to say about it, relaxer will never touch my head again. And I can’t fault him for loving my big curly hair, can I? 

photo 3 My new growth, plus I think It is a nice texture shot! 

photo 4 The flexi rod set, before much styling. 

Well that’s it for now. Hope everyone had a great week, and wonderful wash day. 

Love your do, and grow that Fro

❤ Kelsi Rae