Do whatever you want!


This has to be my motto, as I begin to search fora new protective style once again! The more I work through this journey I am realizing that my hair THRIVES in a protective style.  I retained more length in my twists than at any other time and this was with minimal moisture over those 6 weeks. My hair came out of that still soft and manageable with almost an inch of new growth.

So the search begins . .. what to do next, I am also considering what style I want my hair to be in for my engagement photos. . . oh ya last weekend, I GOT ENGAGED! So along with all of my hair rambelings, and teacher rantings, may quickly become a dumping place for all things wedding! I am so excited it will be in 10m months on 8.7.15 at the most gorgeous little chapel. But that is besides the point. .

As I have been searching for a style that will both protect my hair and create a versatile style for the upcoming pictures and winter months, I discovered crochet braids, a style that in my limited knowledge I had never heard of. But I am more than inspired and with my roommates help I am thinking I am going to dive into the crochet braid world soon.

As much as I change my hair, the more people give me the look instead of complimenting my hair style changes, I am still convinced, ” it is my hair I will do what I want.” Whether this means a new style every month, relaxing, Big Chopping continue to transition. It is a top my head and therefore it is my decision. That goes for you as well.

So start thinking of some good natural hair styles for weddings. . . that will get to be my project for a few months.

Have a wonderful tuesday.

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

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