We all love pictures right?

I started an Instagram for Myhairenvy this week, YAY! I always seem to have a hard time remembering to upload pictures of my hair and new do to my computer. I will have a great hair day and then I will get home and totally have forgotten to document it. So I figured that if I had an Instagram where I could upload pictures, and tips I gather it would be easily assessable to me and you all as well. So that is how the Instagram for the blog was born. You can find it under username myhairenvy, look me up and follow me! 

But as well as know I can’t stick to anything I decide and I am a victim of my addiction to change. This weekend I found a beauty supply store pretty close to my house, something I had not found before. I had avoided doing Marley Twists because I did not want to have to order the hair online. Well hot damn this beauty supply store had Marley hair so of course I was inspired and in went the Marley twists that night. I was able to only buy 4 packs of Marley hair and I only ended up using 3 of them. Since this hair is slightly more expensive than Kankelon hair it cost about 35 dollars for this hair + a new satin pillow case. I have to snatch those up when I find them!  Which all in all if I can buy the hair for 30 bucks and put it in myself, I will take that anyday over the couple hundred I would spend at a Salon. So all in all I would call this a success! 

photo Preview of all the goodness to come on the Instagram! You know you want to! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and had a wonderful labor day weekend!  it is starting to cool off here, I hope it is doing the same for you. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 


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