What in the world is a Liebster award?

That is what I thought when I saw the nomination from Miss Tress in my inbox, I thought gosh there is no way I am getting an award! But sure enough there it was, I found out that it is an award among small bloggers in order for us all to get to know each other, so why not here it goes, 11 things about me first up 

1) I did move until I was 18, I lived in the same house my great grandparents did. 

2) I have traveled to 48 of the 50 states, as well the Spain, England and the Dominican Republic 

3) I know American Sign language and am learning to read braille 

4) I am a special education teacher 

5) I am happily taken, and in love with the love of my life 

6) If you would have asked me 2 years ago what a hair journey was I would have had no idea 

7) I grew up down the street from a known white supremacist church 

8) I LOVE the color teal, like a light teal that almost reminds me of a 1950’s kitchen 

9) In that same vein, I love history. Especially the 1920s-1950’s I wrote my senior these paper in undergrad on bootlegging women during prohibition. 

10) I have a one eyed cat, named CeCe 

11) I don’t regulate my body temperature well, and as a result I hate the cold and if it gets below about 70 degrees I am freezing 

My questions from Miss Tress 

1. What is your favourite part of your hair journey? 

Learning about my hair and the versatility of it. I have gotten to watch it grow and experience new protective styles, because for me change is the name of the game and I have loved seeing that change 

2. What is your holy grail product (one only) ?

Coconut oil, I could live and die by this stuff, my hair loves it and it smells so nice 

3. What is your least favourite part of your hair regimen?

the PRE-POO! Gosh I dislike this, I can never find the time in my schedule and then I find myself trying to do homework while there is egg and olive oil and who knows what else depending on the week dripping down my face. I see the value of it and my hair loves it but if I could stop it I would. 

4. Who would you trade hair with in a second?

… hmm let me get back to you, It would probably be an unnamed women on pinterest. 

5. Coconut oil or Conditioner?

As previously stated coconut oil is my go tol 

6. How do people react to your hair?

Mostly I get the ‘ You changed your hair again” reaction, to which I just smile and nod, like of course I did why does that surprise you? I am on about a month cycle for changing my hair. The current cycle, Marley twists, my new favorite. 

7. What is your favourite thing to do on wash days?


8. Ice cream or cake?

Cake. . I have a HUGE sweet tooth and would never turn down ice cream either, but you can often find me eating personal size cakes to myself so cake has to . . take the cake 🙂 

9. Would you rather go bald or temporarily insane?

The key word here is temporarily, it does not say for how long. So I would have to go with insanity I could be sane again by the time my hair grows back. 

10. What are your hobbies?

Well currently I have no hobbies that don’t involve teaching, creating things for the classroom or homework or class for grad school. 

11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who are late. I am perpetually 15 minutes early, so in my mind if I can get there that early, you can at least show up on time. 



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