Trials of the Hair Obsessed. . . My SPEDtacular life part 1

The trials of the hair obsessed entries, will just tell you a little bit about me, they may be about hair and they may not. In this case there is a tiny bit about hair and the rest is not, but I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about my life outside of hair ( if there is such a thing).

I am in grad school at the University of Denver in a program called Denver Teacher Residency, so we complete a residency year similar to a doctors residency in a title one public school in Denver and at the end we receive our masters in Education and have the option to sign a contract to work in Denver Public Schools for 3 more years in exchange for a tuition reimbursement. I am in this program for Special Education, I am doing my residency year with 3-5 grade students in literacy special ed, So this is my SPEDtacular life. . .

Letter I recieved this note from one of my most endearingly difflicult students on Friday, I have removed his name but this is should read

_____ refused to work with the class in his class, not doing so good – Class 114.  

He wrote a letter from the class about himself, just letting us all know he new he was “not doing so good” now if that is not witty I don’t know what is. This student is on of the students that often gets removed from the gen ed classes for behavior and then ends up in my class for most of the day. As a result I get to learn all of the wittiness that is within this 4th grade boy that is so close to being labeled, ‘ an angry black man” and being put in the emotional disabilities classroom. I am not denying that this student has some behavior issues, but nothing extreme enough to consider the permanent removal from general education. He has shown me that he is a caring, smart boy that just needs to learn to redirect his feelings, something we all have to learn at some point.

I seem to have the most room in my heart for the most difficult students however because not everyone agrees with me about this student, or many other students that I find the most joy in. But I guess this is why I chose to work in Special Education right? I have been bit, scratched, hit and even peed on and at the end of the day I gave all of these children a genuine hug and said I would miss them until tomorrow. I believe that if we look underneath the things that may disgust or frighten us there is a child that will show you the world if you let them and my wish for everyone is that they find someone that will show them this, and that we loose the anger and fear surrounding these wonderful children.

I promise in the future the My SDEDtacular life entries will have more humor and less seriousness, because as much as I love these students you have to laugh at the things that happen sometimes, So to end today I will finish with a story about both my hair and this same wonderful boy.

The day after I cut my twists to be shorter, he comes up to me with the most concerned look on his face, ” Ms. Mega, one of your twisties is coming out. .. let me fix it.” In all seriousness this boy grabed my hair and attempted to fix it, the result was both hilarious and heart-warming. He told me that he did not want me to walk around all day with messed up hair. Now that boy is on to something,

Well that is all for today. Have a wonderful week everybody.

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

You normally don’t even let me touch my hair, and now you want me to CUT it?

I am gonna cal it a tie! Did I change my hair. . yes, did I take out my protective style earlier than my deadline no,

So last week I was getting that itch again. .. my hair had been in marley twists for about a month and that is normally when I start to feel the need to change my hair again. When I first put my marley twists in I did not cut the hair at all and they fell almost to waist length, which I loved at first because it was so much different than my shoulder length hair. But guess what that stuff gets heavy when your neck isn’t used to it. And I box two times a week and for a warm up we jumpt rope, which became nearly impossible with my long hair hitting the rope every five seconds.

Over the weekend I started searching for styles that I could accomplish without taking out my  Twists because they have been wonderful, but still changing it up, and possibly brining jump rope back into my life. What I came across was a girl who had simply cut her twists into a new style, accomplishing both a change and constancy with a hair style. Something that will allow me to still meet my goal of keeping my protective style in until Halloween which will be 8 weeks. So Sunday night I pulled out my scissors and walked up to my Bf, ” WIll you cut my hair?” The look on his face would have made that question worth it even if I was just kidding. But being the amazing trusting guy that he is he said ok and we went to work. There were a few moments of panic where he stopped and proclaimed, ” You normally don’t even let me touch your hair and now you want me to cut it.” and i reassured him that I was not going to punish him if by some chance he really messed it up, and that he wasn’t actually cutting my real hair so if he did mess it up we would just take the twists out. But mess up he did not and we ended up with much shorter, long bob-esque twists.

IMG_2730 ( My hair post cut, before fixing the ends) Channeling my anonymous hair crush from the hallows of pinterest)

Now say he did not mess up but when I first looked at it I went, wait one side is shorter than the other, and I hated he, he of course told me it’s just your bangs that are longer and I like it. Which after some trials and errors of fixing the bluntness they now had I also like the bangs longer in the front, it was like an accidental A-line ( pictures to come,, , or check the instagram, @myhairenvy for more photo updates). So all is well and my boyfriend is back to not being allowed to touch my hair. However as I was fixing the bluntness I ended up taking out the edges and redoing them with the uneven ends method so that it tapers off and looks more natural, as I did this i washed and moisturized as I went and my hair seems happy.

I am happy with this semi change and I think ( hope) that I can now make it to halloween without any more changes, but as always I will keep you all posted.

Hope everyone is having a lovely first week of Autumn, which means one thing Christmas is coming!

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

Hello out there!

This week I reached what I consider a major milestone with this blog, some may consider it small but it means the world to me. I reached 20 followers this week! So to all of you out there reading my ramblings THANK YOU so much! I started this blog because my boyfriend  was sick of hearing about my hair. Little did he know that then I would just talk about my hair blog ALL the time. So I began writing and thought that no one would care about my ever-changing do and all the random things I try with my hair. So thank you again for finding me at least some what interesting and keeping me accountable to this journey and promise that I made to myself.

This month I am at 39 weeks post relaxer or 9 months. I have not relaxed my hair since January, and that was even by accident. I bought this product that claimed it was not a relaxer and before I read the ingredients I applied it ( mistake numbero uno). So then as I was waiting with it on my head I started looking up reviews, and found that many women had done the same thing. That was when I learned the first lesson of my hair journey, ALWAYs read the ingredients.

I have learned many more lessons throughout these nine months, one of which is unfortunately not been patience! I am still working on that. But I have learned how to be much more creative than I ever was with my relaxed hair, partly by choice partly because of necessity as the curls get crazier, the hair styles get more creative. I have learned that I don’t need a hair stylist to do some of the styles I have always dreamed of, my favorite of which has been Marley twists which I have had in for the last 3 weeks and I hope to keep in for 8 weeks total, if I can keep my addictive ways at bay.

I have learned that kitchen supplies are your hairs best friend and I have been a consistent user or coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, and my new favorite apple cider vinegar. My boyfriend affectionately calls my weekly pre-poo “Salad hair” because of all the kitchen supplies that go on my head.

But most of all I have learned that I enjoy sharing my journey with you all, and reading about yours and the things that we all struggle through and the things that you guys have mastered and I can learn from you. I hope you can learn something from me, or at least be amused by my journey. Which may even be better in the long run.

Well thank you again all 20 of you out there! Have a great week

Love your do and grow that fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

This argument again . .. REALLY?

I was scrolling on my Instagram when I came across this DM to the texlaxed page, photo I am pretty sure I have addressed this issue in our community before but this post got me all worked up about it again, so here I am.

Seriously people why do the women in our community insist on making these dividing lines based on HAIR. We are all trying to match what we feel inside, whether being confident means having your natural hair, relaxed hair, wearing wigs or braids, why does that matter? We are all a part of a much more important community than how we choose to style our hair and that is what should matter. You shouldn’t be walking down the street, and think ” oh that nappy headed girl doesn’t take care of herself” Or “Oh that girl with the relaxer is out of touch with her true self.” None of us have the right to make those judgements. Healthy hair is healthy hair, no matter how you achieve it, natural hair that is not taken care of is not any more healthy than relaxed hair.

Everyone can be beautiful whatever that means for their hair, we should promote taking care of our hair. And a woman that relaxes her hair is in no way trying to hide her heritage or her culture, come on people the fact that she has straight hair doesn’t make her any less black and a woman rocking her natural hair isn’t any more in touch with her culture, because of her hair. We are trying to be ourselves no matter how we express that.

It is time to build each other up, remember that we are all after the same thing, healthy hair that makes us feel beautiful. So even if you don’t agree with relaxing your hair, or if you are against the natural hair movement. Get over it. It is not your hair, you may be relaxed for years and then go natural, you may be natural for years and decide one day you want to straighten your hair and then we are all in the same boat. Worry about your own hair, and support the women of our community no matter their hair.

We are all beautiful, and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Ok Rant over.

❤ Kelsi Rae

Apple Cider Vinegar . . For ALL!!

I mentioned Apple Cider Vinegar was my new found super hero in a previous post, and I am here to follow up on that. And let me just tell you, it is more true now than ever! 

I have found new uses for this miracle stuff that have nothing to do with my hair. I am still using it to cleanse my scalp when I have my braids in, it works wonders for the itching and dryness I feel when I haven’t washed my hair well with the braids in. If you haven’t seen the method for that just look at this post it will give you some info on how to use this for a scalp cleanser  ( ). But since then I have added many uses for it, This first discovery I had was that it works as a great natural face wash. I have never really been consistent with washing my face I didn’t have a huge acne problem as a teen and just never got into the habit. But I thought I would give it a try, some diluted ACV and warm water has done wonders for my skin without any of the additives that are in face washes. Keeping with the skin uses after a trip to water world, my Bf was not friends with the sun and we discovered that it can be used to relieve sunburn. 

I have used to clean my counters, my carpets and most recently my hard wood floors. It gets the stains out it gets rid of all sorts of smells. My house always smells like cat. And with a diluted ( my standard is 1/3 ACV 2/3 Water) mixture all of that is gone. I 

I have been reading up on the benefits of drinking ACV and I haven’t quite gotten myself to try that yet. If the smell covers up all of those things, now you want me to put that down my throat? I don’t know about that. But it has made me a believer in all other aspects so maybe one day you will come across the ACV cures my ill’s post on here. We will see. But for now my household has become a ACV haven and it has replaced many things that cost much more money than a simple jar of ACV for all of it. Give it a try, see what you think and if you discover any other uses for it and post them on here and I will share them! 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. 

Find me on Instagram @myhairenvy 

Love your do and grow that fro

 ❤ Kelsi Rae 

We all love pictures right?

I started an Instagram for Myhairenvy this week, YAY! I always seem to have a hard time remembering to upload pictures of my hair and new do to my computer. I will have a great hair day and then I will get home and totally have forgotten to document it. So I figured that if I had an Instagram where I could upload pictures, and tips I gather it would be easily assessable to me and you all as well. So that is how the Instagram for the blog was born. You can find it under username myhairenvy, look me up and follow me! 

But as well as know I can’t stick to anything I decide and I am a victim of my addiction to change. This weekend I found a beauty supply store pretty close to my house, something I had not found before. I had avoided doing Marley Twists because I did not want to have to order the hair online. Well hot damn this beauty supply store had Marley hair so of course I was inspired and in went the Marley twists that night. I was able to only buy 4 packs of Marley hair and I only ended up using 3 of them. Since this hair is slightly more expensive than Kankelon hair it cost about 35 dollars for this hair + a new satin pillow case. I have to snatch those up when I find them!  Which all in all if I can buy the hair for 30 bucks and put it in myself, I will take that anyday over the couple hundred I would spend at a Salon. So all in all I would call this a success! 

photo Preview of all the goodness to come on the Instagram! You know you want to! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and had a wonderful labor day weekend!  it is starting to cool off here, I hope it is doing the same for you. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

What in the world is a Liebster award?

That is what I thought when I saw the nomination from Miss Tress in my inbox, I thought gosh there is no way I am getting an award! But sure enough there it was, I found out that it is an award among small bloggers in order for us all to get to know each other, so why not here it goes, 11 things about me first up 

1) I did move until I was 18, I lived in the same house my great grandparents did. 

2) I have traveled to 48 of the 50 states, as well the Spain, England and the Dominican Republic 

3) I know American Sign language and am learning to read braille 

4) I am a special education teacher 

5) I am happily taken, and in love with the love of my life 

6) If you would have asked me 2 years ago what a hair journey was I would have had no idea 

7) I grew up down the street from a known white supremacist church 

8) I LOVE the color teal, like a light teal that almost reminds me of a 1950’s kitchen 

9) In that same vein, I love history. Especially the 1920s-1950’s I wrote my senior these paper in undergrad on bootlegging women during prohibition. 

10) I have a one eyed cat, named CeCe 

11) I don’t regulate my body temperature well, and as a result I hate the cold and if it gets below about 70 degrees I am freezing 

My questions from Miss Tress 

1. What is your favourite part of your hair journey? 

Learning about my hair and the versatility of it. I have gotten to watch it grow and experience new protective styles, because for me change is the name of the game and I have loved seeing that change 

2. What is your holy grail product (one only) ?

Coconut oil, I could live and die by this stuff, my hair loves it and it smells so nice 

3. What is your least favourite part of your hair regimen?

the PRE-POO! Gosh I dislike this, I can never find the time in my schedule and then I find myself trying to do homework while there is egg and olive oil and who knows what else depending on the week dripping down my face. I see the value of it and my hair loves it but if I could stop it I would. 

4. Who would you trade hair with in a second?

… hmm let me get back to you, It would probably be an unnamed women on pinterest. 

5. Coconut oil or Conditioner?

As previously stated coconut oil is my go tol 

6. How do people react to your hair?

Mostly I get the ‘ You changed your hair again” reaction, to which I just smile and nod, like of course I did why does that surprise you? I am on about a month cycle for changing my hair. The current cycle, Marley twists, my new favorite. 

7. What is your favourite thing to do on wash days?


8. Ice cream or cake?

Cake. . I have a HUGE sweet tooth and would never turn down ice cream either, but you can often find me eating personal size cakes to myself so cake has to . . take the cake 🙂 

9. Would you rather go bald or temporarily insane?

The key word here is temporarily, it does not say for how long. So I would have to go with insanity I could be sane again by the time my hair grows back. 

10. What are your hobbies?

Well currently I have no hobbies that don’t involve teaching, creating things for the classroom or homework or class for grad school. 

11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who are late. I am perpetually 15 minutes early, so in my mind if I can get there that early, you can at least show up on time.