The curls have it!

This post is going to be short and sweet. But I think the decision has been made, the curls have it, I think I am going to a long term transition, no longer just a long stretch of relaxers, the more my hair grows the more I love the curl. I also love the versatility of my natural hair, I can style it in many different levels of curls from bantu knot outs( which I have no mastered yet), braid outs, flat twists( my favorite), and flex rods ( my up and coming favorite), but I also can occasionally straighten my hair to get that feeling I know and love. So now to try and maintain this go get-um attitude through the next year or so. I hope I can do it. This week I again got caught in the rain and which led to an impromptu wash day earlier than I had planned.

So saturday I washed, deep conditioned and air dried my hair in pig tails. This air drying method helps keep the  new growth stretched while letting the rest curl naturally. I then applied my flex rod set on air dried hair. I bought and tried out the cantu hair shaping pomade and I love it. I tried the ringlet form for the flex rods, so they hung more up and down instead of against my head and this pomade gave my hair just enough hold for the curls to bouncy but not falls.

Close up of curls prior to finger combing
Close up of curls prior to finger  combing
Curls before finger combing
Curls before finger combing
Post 10 minutes of styling
Post 10 minutes of styling

I am loving this style, its easy and keeps my hands out of my hair al day, I am going to try the ” mini” pinappling method tonight to see if I can keep these curls up, will let you know how it goes.

Have a wonderful week,

Love your do and grow that Fro

❤ Kelsi Rae


3 thoughts on “The curls have it!

    1. YAY! Good for you! Stay strong and rock those curls, I got to about 6 months before I really started itching to relax my hair again, but I am gonna stick it out! It’s worth it right?!

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