My hair looked so good, until. . .

The other day I was walking to class, and I was feeling great, I had done another flex rod set the night before, and man was I getting the hang of it, my hair was bouncy and curly and I felt good. I take the light rail from my apartment downtown to my campus which is in the Southern part of town so I have a little bit of a walk to class from the train. So on my way back to the train The skies decided to open and dumped huge rain drops all at once on my head. There was not even those dark warning gray skies that tell you, “oh crap maybe I should get out an umbrella or something.” ( No that I own an umbrella, I live in Colorado, where did this rain even come from?)  Needless to say, my beautiful, confidence-giving bouncy hair was gone, and I was left with that poofy, not even curly just growing out, not down look. I couldn’t have passed it for an on purpose look if I tried. So I put it up in a simple ponytail and rocked the wet dog look for the rest of the day. 

This got me thinking, my hair is really in a percarious state at all times, it is subject to the whims of the weather, and so many other things in the world, So what has messed up a good hair day in the past, lets make a list shall we. . . 

My hair looked so good until,

It rained. . . the wind blew, , , a child threw up on it ( yes this has happened). . . the humidity in Colorado rose above 10%. . . my boyfriend ran his hands through it. . . I wanted to put it up, and now its stuck like that for the rest of the day. . . it got hot, , . I went to the gym. . . really anytime sweat is involved. . . or water. . . I laid down. . . I sat back on the couch. . . I had sex. . . I made out. . really anything “sexy” is bad for my hair. . . and the list could probably go on. 

Looking at this list, why do I even bother doing my hair? But this whole journey is about embracing these bad hair days and accepting I don’t have  the sexy, bouncy, beautiful hair that I always dreamed of having. But really does that hair really exist, or is it just a product of my imagination, ok hollywood might have had something to do with it. But even with all of these things that could mess up my hair, here I am diligently trying to find the best styles for it. 

This week I did straighten and check my length on my, once I figure out how to create a separate page for that, you can find pictures and progress there.Hopefully soon. 

What things have messed up your hair in the past? I am sure some of you have stories like “a child threw up on it”. . . 

Hope the weekend treated you well. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 


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