Why not to seal the ends of your Senegalese Twists

It has been a month this Sunday since I put in my Senegalese twists and i have been getting the itch to take them down. Not only because of my constant, unwavering, slightly annoying need for change in this aspect of my life. And I say this aspect because I am a very routine person in the rest of my life and thrive on the best made plans. But also because my ends are starting to grow out and I am very afraid of having a major set back by having my roots matt and tangle and loosing more hair than I have gained after taking them out. 

So I once again turned to googling and found many ways to take down my twists. But one article stuck out, she also had the urge to take down her twists but in order to revive them instead of taking them out she cut them from long twists into a cute bob ( http://klassykinks.com/advice-tutorials/properly-take-down-protective-styles/ )

This got me thinking that if I cut my twists by even just two inches I would cut off the attempted sealed ends that I disliked so much. When i first installed the twists I attempted the hot water sealing method to little success, and I hated the result, it left my ends feeling hard. Having unsealed ends is beneficial to me because I enjoy having a more natural look and that means that my twists are more loose and as a result need to be redone more often, Unsealed ends are easily taken apart and redone in order more the twist up. So I cut off about 2 and a half inches off the ends so my twists are now slightly shorter than MBL instead of waist length that they were before. And now all my ends are held together my rubber bands. I redid my edges and I think it will keep me at bay for at least another week because I take them down. 

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week. Welcome to August. Happy Birthday Colorado. 

Love your do and grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 



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