Bye Bye Hair that is fried!

It is time, I once again say goodbye to my straightener. During the first 6 or so months of my stretch, sorry my transition, ( still getting used to to it being a transition) I was really good about not applying direct heat to my hair, and  I saw amazing growth and length retention. Then I hit about 7 months post relaxer and I started to get anxious with my hair and the two different textures, they weren’t blending as well as they were in the past, I could no longer wear a wash-n-go and look good. The styles that look good during a transition are still something I am mastering, ok trying not mastering. So I started saying oh I will straighten my hair once a month, and then one month it went to two weeks and my progress with my hair has definitely suffered because of it. So ladies and gentlemen ( Can’t exlude any rouge guys reading this out there) my straightener is going back in the closet. . . until halloween. I will not be blow drying either,. .. Air Dry, Air Dry, Air Dry! 

I am thinking I am going to have to get much more creative with my styles in order to keep myself happy during this stretch with no heat. But in good news my hair is finally ” bun-able” It has been able to make a bun for awhile now, but they didn’t look intentional, they looked like a “bloop” as my boyfriend would put it. And so I am finding the love of buns and have been rocking one all week. I am hoping to master the two strand twist, and twist out soon, but I haven’t figured out how to get my relaxed ends to hold those twists. Updates to follow if I find a successful method, or if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

Also I have submitted my story to So keep your eyes open for me to appear on Jen’s blog. I am excited to be ” blog famous” because in my world Jen and Just Grow already is FAME! I love her!! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, my students returned to school this week, so I am sure i will start to share stories as the weeks go on.  

The curls have it!

This post is going to be short and sweet. But I think the decision has been made, the curls have it, I think I am going to a long term transition, no longer just a long stretch of relaxers, the more my hair grows the more I love the curl. I also love the versatility of my natural hair, I can style it in many different levels of curls from bantu knot outs( which I have no mastered yet), braid outs, flat twists( my favorite), and flex rods ( my up and coming favorite), but I also can occasionally straighten my hair to get that feeling I know and love. So now to try and maintain this go get-um attitude through the next year or so. I hope I can do it. This week I again got caught in the rain and which led to an impromptu wash day earlier than I had planned.

So saturday I washed, deep conditioned and air dried my hair in pig tails. This air drying method helps keep the  new growth stretched while letting the rest curl naturally. I then applied my flex rod set on air dried hair. I bought and tried out the cantu hair shaping pomade and I love it. I tried the ringlet form for the flex rods, so they hung more up and down instead of against my head and this pomade gave my hair just enough hold for the curls to bouncy but not falls.

Close up of curls prior to finger combing
Close up of curls prior to finger  combing
Curls before finger combing
Curls before finger combing
Post 10 minutes of styling
Post 10 minutes of styling

I am loving this style, its easy and keeps my hands out of my hair al day, I am going to try the ” mini” pinappling method tonight to see if I can keep these curls up, will let you know how it goes.

Have a wonderful week,

Love your do and grow that Fro

❤ Kelsi Rae

My hair looked so good, until. . .

The other day I was walking to class, and I was feeling great, I had done another flex rod set the night before, and man was I getting the hang of it, my hair was bouncy and curly and I felt good. I take the light rail from my apartment downtown to my campus which is in the Southern part of town so I have a little bit of a walk to class from the train. So on my way back to the train The skies decided to open and dumped huge rain drops all at once on my head. There was not even those dark warning gray skies that tell you, “oh crap maybe I should get out an umbrella or something.” ( No that I own an umbrella, I live in Colorado, where did this rain even come from?)  Needless to say, my beautiful, confidence-giving bouncy hair was gone, and I was left with that poofy, not even curly just growing out, not down look. I couldn’t have passed it for an on purpose look if I tried. So I put it up in a simple ponytail and rocked the wet dog look for the rest of the day. 

This got me thinking, my hair is really in a percarious state at all times, it is subject to the whims of the weather, and so many other things in the world, So what has messed up a good hair day in the past, lets make a list shall we. . . 

My hair looked so good until,

It rained. . . the wind blew, , , a child threw up on it ( yes this has happened). . . the humidity in Colorado rose above 10%. . . my boyfriend ran his hands through it. . . I wanted to put it up, and now its stuck like that for the rest of the day. . . it got hot, , . I went to the gym. . . really anytime sweat is involved. . . or water. . . I laid down. . . I sat back on the couch. . . I had sex. . . I made out. . really anything “sexy” is bad for my hair. . . and the list could probably go on. 

Looking at this list, why do I even bother doing my hair? But this whole journey is about embracing these bad hair days and accepting I don’t have  the sexy, bouncy, beautiful hair that I always dreamed of having. But really does that hair really exist, or is it just a product of my imagination, ok hollywood might have had something to do with it. But even with all of these things that could mess up my hair, here I am diligently trying to find the best styles for it. 

This week I did straighten and check my length on my, once I figure out how to create a separate page for that, you can find pictures and progress there.Hopefully soon. 

What things have messed up your hair in the past? I am sure some of you have stories like “a child threw up on it”. . . 

Hope the weekend treated you well. 

Love your do and Grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

Have you ever been at a bar and your hair. . . just fell out?

Well neither had I. . . Until last week. Yep I was at a bar just having a drink and the waitress walked up and oh you should have seen her face when she saw one of my braids on the floor. She couldn’t even get the words out of her mouth. I was not that embarrassed but I felt bad that it freaked her out so much, luckily it was a fairly empty bar, so only the waitress and the people I was with noticed the incident. But needless to say, the braids have since come down, after loosing two more in private. 

My braids lasted exactly 4 weeks, which is an accomplishment for the change-a- holic I am. And once I started the take down process I was glad I did not leave them in any longer, my hair was a MESS. It only took me about 30 minutes to get the braids out of my hair, which left me with a not- so bad braid out. photo 1-1 But then the real challenge started, the detangling process.  First, I pre- poo’d with an egg and olive oil mixture for 45 minutes, cowshed using Cantu Shea Complete Condition Co-wash and conditioned using John Frieda Smooth Start for 10 minutes. Then I finger combed all of the tangles out I could, but there was a solid lock starting at the back of my skull and that took some serious work, I finger combed as much of it as I could, then took my wide tooth comb, then my small toothed comb and worked through it, In the end I lost more hair than I would have liked but I would say it was over all a success. photo 2-1 My hair arsenal. . . Johnson’s baby detangled, Cantu Shea butter moisturizer, Its a 10 Keratin spray, John Frieda frizz ease straight fixation( because I thought I was going to straighten my hair) and Coconut oil.  

I stood looking in the mirror after this process was complete thinking, well now what in the world am I going to do with my hair. So I turned to a stand by from and stretched my new growth with the tension method. ( using cool air) Even though I was using cool air I applied dove heat protectant spray just to be sure. And put my hair in a pony tail for the rest of the day. That night I attempted my first flex rod set on dry hair, and I must say I love it, I think Flexi rods may become my new go to for awhile at least, It left my hair soft and bouncy, I used different sizes so I have different sizes of curl but I think once I perfect the method it will look even better. Flexi rods are much easier to set than traditional rollers, and not comfortable, but bearable to sleep on, which is a win in my book.  So now I am back to trying to keep it simple, to succeed, I am at 30 weeks post relaxer and have probably 3-4 inches of new growth. Still haven’t decided if I am transitioning, or long term stretching. I think if my boyfriend has anything to say about it, relaxer will never touch my head again. And I can’t fault him for loving my big curly hair, can I? 

photo 3 My new growth, plus I think It is a nice texture shot! 

photo 4 The flexi rod set, before much styling. 

Well that’s it for now. Hope everyone had a great week, and wonderful wash day. 

Love your do, and grow that Fro

❤ Kelsi Rae 

Why not to seal the ends of your Senegalese Twists

It has been a month this Sunday since I put in my Senegalese twists and i have been getting the itch to take them down. Not only because of my constant, unwavering, slightly annoying need for change in this aspect of my life. And I say this aspect because I am a very routine person in the rest of my life and thrive on the best made plans. But also because my ends are starting to grow out and I am very afraid of having a major set back by having my roots matt and tangle and loosing more hair than I have gained after taking them out. 

So I once again turned to googling and found many ways to take down my twists. But one article stuck out, she also had the urge to take down her twists but in order to revive them instead of taking them out she cut them from long twists into a cute bob ( )

This got me thinking that if I cut my twists by even just two inches I would cut off the attempted sealed ends that I disliked so much. When i first installed the twists I attempted the hot water sealing method to little success, and I hated the result, it left my ends feeling hard. Having unsealed ends is beneficial to me because I enjoy having a more natural look and that means that my twists are more loose and as a result need to be redone more often, Unsealed ends are easily taken apart and redone in order more the twist up. So I cut off about 2 and a half inches off the ends so my twists are now slightly shorter than MBL instead of waist length that they were before. And now all my ends are held together my rubber bands. I redid my edges and I think it will keep me at bay for at least another week because I take them down. 

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week. Welcome to August. Happy Birthday Colorado. 

Love your do and grow that Fro 

❤ Kelsi Rae