DIY Senegalese Twists; Try number 1

So I have been trying to combat my addition to change, with little success I have tried flat twists, twist outs, bantu knot out ( bad bad time) and clip in extensions. Nothing satisfied my desire to chop all of my hair off and start again. Given I would probably normally have no problem chopping my hair off and starting again but I have made it for over 7 months now without chopping my hair off and 7 months without a relaxer and I am just not willing to give up 7 months of my transition just yet.
But at this point in my transition my two, or really three textures of hair are not working together at all! So I went on the search for a protective style. I settled on jumbo Senegalese twists and I decided that I was going to do them myself. So I thank the ladies of Youtube for all of their advice and tutorials on this style, and I dove in! I bought 3 packs of Sassy Kanekalon jumbo braid hair and made the terrible decision of starting at about 9 pm on a Sunday night.
I wanted my twists large so with the help of my roommate we tried and failed, and tried again for about 5 hours to get my hair done. The next morning I had to get up and add a few and fix a few but over all I love them!photo-1 photo


So now i am in need of help to maintain these bad boys, if anyone has any tips on maintaining these twists I am more than open to hearing suggestions. For now I have been moisturizing my natural hair while in the twists with coconut oil. I have had to redo the edges of my once,because I can’t seem to get them tight enough on the bottom edge. I hope with trial and error this will get better. I will keep you updated. I hope to keep these in for 4-8 weeks over the summer. 

Thanks for any of your words of wisdom! 

❤ Kelsi Rae 


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