Damn, that girl has nice hair!

This post will probably make me say, ” you shouldn’t judge people like that” ” so lets just get that out of the way, well no I probably shouldn’t jude people like this, but I do, and I have accepted that so you can too.So do you ever look at a girl and thing, Damn she has nice hair, I wonder if it is real, or how she got that style? Well I do that ALL the time, every time i see another woman of color with well hair. I do it with girls with TWA and think, dang i am jealous that she can rock that so well! I do it with short relaxed hair and think< ” I miss my short hair maybe I should cut it.” Beautiful curly hair of any lengths makes me wish I stopped relaxing my hair earlier,  twists and locks make me consider those styles at least once week and long straight hair makes me want to cut my stretch and relaxed my hair tomorrow! I recently made a friend with BEAUTIFUL kinky hair, who struggles with wanting to cut it off, and I think if she can hold out on change so can I. I think this hair envy is part of why I am in a constant state of change with my hair, because I want to have ALL of the pretty styles, all of the time! 

Part of me hopes that I am the only girl that does this, and that every one else is so confident with with their beautiful style whatever it may be, but the other part of me hopes that we all suffer from this same problem that we all are wishing for the styles around us, just so that I am not alone! Whichever one it is, I don’t know of a way to escape my hair envy, and so here I am hoping for change daily, and somehow holding out on this change for 6 whole months and now that I have reached this goal,what in the world do I do? 

Here was this weeks look, I have taken to calling it ” Lion hair”


Why would my hair matter to you?

Well let’s be honest, it might not. You may be the girl that has their hair mastered, everyone is jealous of you and asks you how you get your hair that perfect. And we all know those girls, the girls we wondered if they just wake up that way, or if they spend hours staring at the mirror hoping that by some miracle their hair will look good that day like the rest of us. Or you might not care about my hair because you are a more laid back girl than I could ever hope to be and you are fine waking up and letting your beautiful hair do whatever it is going to do that day and rock it. 

But you may be a girl that is hoping that someone out there is going through the same journey with their hair, ever- looking for that person that shares in their triumphs and disasters when it comes to their hair. If you are that girl, my hair might matter to you. Because truly, I am still that girl. I will finish this post and then search the internet for someone that has a tip I can use for my wash day this week. Or some miracle to add to my wash day routine that will help eliminate the shedding i have been having the last couple weeks. And I am here to share those stories with others. Hoping that someone else will benefit from my journey, and that maybe someone will happen across it and help me. Sharing my daily hair struggles helps me maintain an “eye on the prize attitude” with my hair. . . So now the HAIR OF THE WEEK!  

As I shared last week I bought and sewed clip in hair extensions, I never got around to sharing a photo of them so I guess, better late than never, right? Image This photo was about a week and a had ago. I lve my clip ins but I have been running into some hair care problems since wearing them. in order to wear these clip ins, as you can see I have to straighten my 22 week post hair in order to blend the textures, I am unsure if this is the cause or if it is the hairfinity which I finished my 30 day supply last week,( review to follow)  or if it is simply because i am 22 weeks post and my hair is becoming week.  But I have noticed a large increase in shedding over the last month or so. Enough that I am concerned for my hair health. 

So as a result I am returning to my old hair routine which means no heat, and bye bye hair extensions. But I am finding I am falling in love with my natural hair that is coming in and returning to this routine has not been a problem for me, this week I did a twist out and I love the texture my new growth provides at the base. I discovered I have no “selfless: from this week, so here is a picture of my boyfriend and me( correct grammar) from our trip to Seatlle last week, that sort of shows the texture of my hair. Image


This love affair with my new growth is leading me to the tried and true question. . . at 22 weeks post am i long term stretching or transitioning? But that is a question for another week. 

For now just taking my hair one day at a time. Until next time 

❤ Kelsi Rae