I will NEVER put a relaxer in my hair again!

Today on my break at work one of the few other black women at the school approached me about how I did my hair, I was rocking a twist out. And when I say rocking that’s a big statement, at 16 weeks post relaxed it has been a rough week, I almost ended my stretch after fighting with my different textures on my head.  But I LOVED this twist out so Damn I was proud when she asked about it. I told her it was a simple flat twist out, she proceeded to ask about my hair in general, I am proud of my journey over the last 5 months and of not breaking my stretch this week so I openly shared how I treat and manage my hair. She responded with a disgusted, in  generally rude tone, “I will never put a relaxed on my hair again, natural is just so much better.”
Well you go girl for rocking your natural hair and you will never hear me knock  girl with that kinky texture, but you will also never hear me knock a girl with bone straight relaxed hair. We are all working on our hair just the same, no matter how we prefer to style it th ere is no need to put someone down for it. I love the popularity natural hair has gained in the last few years, but relaxed hair is in no way lesser or wrong and natural beauties need to just let that be.
Had to get that off my chest,  but this week hair wise has been a
struggle, I have about 2 and 1/2 inches of new growth post relaxer and a wash n go or similar styles are just out of the question at this point. I have not perfected a roller set for straight styling yet. And besides with boxing regular habit in my life straight styles are almost more work than they are worth at this point. So twists it is, this style is quickly becoming my favorite protective style. Tonight I am trying 5 flat twists compared to my normal 2 to 3, I want big curly hair. I will either get that or end up looking like a some sort of wild animal, either way I plan on showing it off tomorrow!
Hope you are rocking whatever style you have going on this week. Thanks for checking in to my hair rantings if you will.


One thought on “I will NEVER put a relaxer in my hair again!

  1. Wow, you really did get it off your chest. Honestly speaking though, I get what you mean. Many ladies keeping hating on us relaxed just because we chose to put a relaxer in our hair. I just hope that eventually these problems will be put to an end

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