You only wash your hair once a week?

Does this question drive you as crazy as it does me? But not as much as the look that comes with it. Yes I only wash my hair once a week maybe you should try it. That is one thing that has not changed since I have started my hair journey, I only wash my hair every week to two weeks depending on the style. My wash days are Tuesday, simply because it is the only day of the week that I have time to sit and go through my hair routine. . . which is

1) I pre-poo with a hot oil treatment for 45 minutes to an hour, Depending on the week I alternate between olive oil an olive oil and egg mixture and coconut oil( my favorite of all the oils) 

2) Rinse out and co-wash, I only shampoo my hair about every two months or when I feel build up. And condition. 

3) Towel dry for 30 minutes and detangle, with my lovely fingers, I have stopped combing and brushing my hair. And apply leave ins, I apply coconut oil, it’s a ten keratin treatment, and chi serum, and john Frieda smoothing treatment. 

4) Style, I am constantly bored! And change my style a lot, finding styles I like without using heat has proven to be quite the problem. This week I am a fan of the flat twists, but not small ones I have been doing two large twists around my head  ImageImage


I then have been rocking a twist out for a few days before my next wash day. This has been working as a protective style and a cute look for work. 

Well that was my wash day this week,  I will check in again next week, as my journey continues, and I hope yours does too. 

I have ordered Hairfinity online this week and will write a review after a month of use. Next week is my monthly progress check, and I can’t wait to see how it goes. 

Well that’s all for now 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

Really, what even is a hair journey?

About five months ago now when I stumbled across Jen and Just Grow Already, this question was a serious problem for me, what is this girl talking about a healthy hair journey doesn’t your hair just grow? Boy was I wrong, and I am glad I have taken the time to invest in making my hair healthy and watching it grow.

The first time I told my boyfriend I was going to start a hair journey he looked at me like I grew a second head and continues to be confused by my wash day rituals and constant attempts to find new styles that don’t involve heat.Because, I Love heat! For years it was my best friend, smooth out my kinky hair and make me fit in just a little bit more with my high school friends who could all easily run their fingers through their hair. And during this time I just believed my hair just didn’t grow past arm pit length, I had no idea that this was a common problem for other women out there.  So finding hair styles that involve no heat has been one of my biggest challenges. I have tried twists, and flat twists and rollers sets( one of my favorites) I have tried wash and go, which worked for about the first month post relaxer, but at almost three months post finding new methods is my biggest challenge. So every week on wash day I get on youtube and look up ” transitioning hair styles.” The women of YouTube have become some of my best friends and mentors and I hope to help walk through this journey with those of you out there who like me, see this hair journey as a foreign country you are happy to take up residence in in order to reach your goals.

So what are my goals:

1)I hope to have balanced hair, protein and moisture levels ( something I am still learning about) 

2)  My first goal is to reach bra strap length, long term goal mid back length. 

3) I hope to stretch my relaxer for six months or 36 weeks. 

Simple goals to start with, I am currently at shoulder length and at 14 weeks post relaxer.(picture to come) You will find I am not exactly traditional with some parts of this process, I have not been consistent with protective styles, I enjoy showing off my hair and as long as I don’t see a marked increase in breakage I will continue to wear my hair freely. I do not wrap my hair in a silk scarf at night, I do sleep on a silk pillow case but I get a head ache both from the scarf and from my boyfriends over a head wrap. I cross wrap my hair or use flat twists at night. These are just a few of my quirks as you will see. I hope to show that some of these things are not needed for everyone’s journey. 

Well that’s all I’ve got for the day. I hope you stop by as I work my way through this journey from pretty much the beginning, and I will enjoy sharing those steps with you. 

Next week I hope to share my wash day, show off my progress so far and the things I have found that work for me, see ya then. 

❤ Kelsi Rae 

How did my hair take over my life?

Hey all, first off, lets take some time to focus on something besides our hair shall we. I know thats difficult for me too, I am a self proclaimed hair-addict. But a little bit about me, below the neckline, the name is Kelsi I am a 23 year old grad student. I am half white and half black, and my hair reflects that. I have a long term boyfriend for the terms of this blog it is important to know that he is white, and my hair becomes a very funny part of our relationship. I am starting grad school in the summer for special education, I am just going to warn you now I will probably share the occasional teaching story with you, don’t worry I will try and keep them funny.

But now why am I here, because I am obsessed with my hair care, but how did I get there?

I am from Northern Colorado, if you know anything about that part of the state there are not a lot of resources to learn about taking care of ethic hair. My mom raised me as a single parent she is Caucasian and had absolutely no idea how to deal with this little girls ever growing afro. Multiple times during my youth she opted for cutting all of my hair off in order to solve this problem. But as I grew she tried to learn about the different styles for my hair from braids to weaves and beyond, however I was not allowed to relax or color my hair until I was 18. As a result whenI turned 18 I did both of these things, with no real knowledge of the affects this would have on my hair


.   throughout college my hair was a constantly evolving masterpiece on my head. I loved my hair, but did not care for my hair. I had weaves put in,and became obsessed with the color red, thanks a lot Rihanna. So by the time my senior year in college came around my hair was a mess, so I started looking at hair forums online and decided I would take the plunge  and b/c.Image That was a about a 73 weeks ago to be precise and I am just gonna put it out there people, THE BIG CHOP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I  hated it, after about a month I missed my hair. So I began wearing front lace wigs for about two months until my hair was long enough to play with again. I would have continued to wear wigs but 99 percent of the people in my life are white and wigs are a very funny thing for them to understand, the explanation was not worth it. So after the B/C disaster I began reading the blog Just Grow Already, and became a hair addict. I obsessively read her blog weekly checking every wash day and the beautiful bun inspirations she posts inspiring me to both not cut and continue my hair journey. So now I am here working my way through the urge to mess with my hair one day at a time. You are becoming my accountability partners, welcome to this journey with me.